Creative Group Head at GForce/Grey, KAZAKHSTAN

Started his career in advertising 8 years ago in MacCann Almaty and within 6 months entered TOP-15 of the best art directors in Central Asian region. After two years of succesful work in MacCann Almaty, he was invited to GForce/Grey where became a Creative Group Head after 6 months. Then moved to BBDO CA for a year winning a few awards during this period. And then returned to GForce/Grey. During his work here the agency was twice awarded as the Best Central Asian agency and twice won Grand Prix at Central Asian festival Red Jolbors. According to the results of 2017 GForce/Grey has been recognized as the Best agency in Central Asia.

Holder of awards of Red Apple, KIAF, White Square, AdBlackSea, AdStars, Silver Mercury, Red Jolbors.